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who was bongó?

Bongó is probably the most famous monkey that has ever lived in Iceland ... and for most of the time he lived in a greenhouse in Hveragerði.

It was one of the most beloved singer in Iceland - Elly Vilhjálms - who smuggled Bongó to Iceland from Spain in the year 1958. For the first 2 years, they lived not so happily together in Elly's flat in Reykjavik. The city live was hard on Bongó, so Elly found him a better fitted home in a greenhouse in Hveragerði where he lived for the rest of his life. We are not exaggerating when we say that most of the population in Iceland came at least once to pay him a visit and to have an ice cream at the greenhouse as well.

We wanted to honor the memory of Bongó by giving our ice cream store his name. Furthermore we play a lot of Elly's music at Bongó as well as music from the 60' and the 70'.

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