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and enjoy our local ice cream

We wanted to create a little world of its own were ice cream lovers could sit down and enjoy their favorite ice cream in a beautiful setting. Unfortunately the Icelandic weather does not give us many chances of enjoying ice cream outside in the sun ... but at Bongó the weather is always nice!

The main idea behind the design was to make a classic ice cream store that would be a little nostalgic but also with a twist of a french and jungle coffee shop. We hope our guests will forget for a while where they are and take a small trip in time and space while they come for a visit. 

If ice cream somewhere has a home in Iceland it must be in Hveragerði. For more than 50 years 'Kjörís' ice cream makers have been a leading brand and producing a delicious ice cream with a great texture. We are so happy that they are just in our backyard and it is a pleasure to work with them every day!

Rut & Kristinn



Interior design: Rut Káradóttir
Graphic design: Ragnhildur Ragnarsdóttir

Owner: RK ehf, kt. 441199-3419, vsknr. 64346
email: | tel: +354 660-2050

Store manager: Aníta Dís Káradóttir -

Marketing: Kristinn Arnarson -
Photos on website: Katarzyna Kozanczuk, Baldur Kristjáns and others

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