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Milk shake

Try one of our 10 flavors for your lactose free smooth milk shake. You can also try your own mix with more than one flavor. Why not try mixing Mocca with Caramel ... or Chocolate with Strawberry?

Bongó - monkey scoop

This one is made for the youngest customers ... and for all those that are young in spirit. Pick your favorite scoop from the cooler and we try our best to make it look like a monkey. The final product might look either better or worse that on the photo! .


Hot chocolate with soft ice

Our warmest item on the menu. Hot chocolate made with Icelandic dark chocolate and lactose free milk, topped with a scoop of vanilla soft ice.


Pick any scoop and we pour a an espresso over it. A delicious desert from Italy.

We recommend Rum & raisins or Vanilla scoops for this dish but of course you can choose your favorite one. 

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